Are you seeking your life purpose, and connection with the divine in a way that relates to your every day "normal" life without spending thousands of dollars and hours? 

Do you want to connect with your higher self and spirit guides, and have no clue how to do so or if it's even possible?

Are you interested in spirituality, but have no idea where to start or who to trust?

Introducing the 995 Tribe

Spritual coaching from a Shaman, intuitive life coach and spiritual teacher for only $9.95 per month (and there's even a free trial).

What's included in the 995 tribe?

Video Teachings

Access to teachings via recorded video content that you can access from the comfort of your home, at times that work well for you. There are also tons of handouts, cheat sheets, and excercises to help you learn. 

Live Spiritual Coaching

There are several opportunities each month to connect with Amanda via Zoom video conferencing to ask your questions, and receive spiritual coaching.  


Coffee Chats the first Thursday of each month, 10 am MST

Tea Time  the third Tuesday of the month at 3pm MST

Spiritual Circles the Second Sunday of the month at 11am MST

Monthly Shamanic Journeys to learn about the energies of the moon

Connection with a Spiritual Community

Access to a private Facebook group created by Amanda connects you with a spiritual seekers community. This group includes posts with spiritual tips and tricks, video modules, and conversation starters so that you can connect with others who are also seeking spiritual development, community, and connection. The community aspect of the tribe is optional- know that you aren't required to share, comment, or meet other people unless you choose to, but it is an option available if that's something that sounds like you're interested in.  Through the chats and circles, you have a wonderful opportunity to connect not only with Amanda, but also others who are likely going through similar experiences in their lives, should you choose to!

More Details about the Content

Not all the videos have been recorded yet, which gives you a wonderful opportunity! I'm a teacher by nature, and I'd much rather teach you rather than just speak to a computer, alone, by myself in a room. So, I'm opening up the "recordings" to more of a class style nature. I will be teaching about a topic every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 11am MST in my Zoom room, until I've covered the topics below (and probably even more). You can attend the classes live, and have an opportunity to ask questions about the content and interact with me live! The recorded classes will then be uploaded to the Tribe community content area. 

Below is the outline for the recorded video modules:

Module 1: Limiting Belief Clearing

-What are limiting beliefs and why should I clear them

-Clearing of the top limiting beliefs with audience participation in each area: relationships, career/ life purpose, health & wellness, finances, connection

Module 2: Spiritual Connection & Life Purpose

-What is intuition, and why does it matter?

-Connecting with guides, angels, helpers, lineage and higher self

-What is your life purpose and how does it affect all aspects of your life?


Module 3: Shamanic Journeying

-Background and overview: what is Shamanic Journeying and why would I use it?

-Preparing for journeywork: breathing exercise, eye movement exercise, creating space, protections

-Journey: Meet your Power Animal

-Journey: Upper World, Meet an Archangel or Ascended Master

-Journey: Meet the energies of the moon


Module 4: Energetic Protection and Clearing

-Shamanic Journey: Energetic shield installation

-Clearing your home basics

-Protecting your energy, grounding, cord cutting


Module 5: Energy Healing Basics

-What is vibration?

-Chakra and aura overview

-Intro to Reiki


Module 6: Metaphysics and Modalities

-Astrology basics- learn a bit about your birth chart, why astrology matters, and where you can learn more information

-Card Reading- picking an oracle or deck, using it to connect with guides, clearing it


-Meditation: tips and tricks, resources, and guided meditations


Why work with me? 

A spiritual approach to real life. 

I get it- there are a lot of "experts," "healers" and teachers out there. A lot of them have great information and good intentions, but there's also a dark spot in the spiritual community. Sometimes there's manipulation, or teachers that don't have good intentions. I know because I've muddled through a lot of it. Here's what I can tell you- I have spent decades of my life on a spiritual path. I've read countless books, attended workshops, meditation retreats, lectures, and scoured internet content. I've become trained as a Shaman, intuitive life coach, massage therapist, school teacher, Reiki master (in two traditions), kept fire at a sweat lodge, gone on vision quests, and many more such things. I've spent decades and tens of thousands of dollars seeking spiritual connection, training, and information. I've encountered many pitfalls along the way, and have also discovered many beautiful teachings, lessons, experiences and practices. 

I have the training and experience and I present to you the information that helped me most. As with any spiritual teachings, I encourage you to take in the information that works for you, and let the rest go. I create safe, healing space to help you explore, but you are the expert of your own life, so I encourage you to always acknowledge what works for you, and let go of the rest.

And most important- I use the spiritual content to relate to real life. I'm non-judgmental, relatable, and use the woo-woo to create real impact in my life. That's what spirituality is all about- not just sitting on a cushion chanting! I have a ton of real-life experience from many different jobs to terrible relationships, procrastination and self confidence issues. And I've used these practices to get out of bad situations, continue to learn, and I'm always growing. Let me share with you what has worked for me, and let's use spirituality to empower your life! 

How do I sign up?

Fill out the form below to sign up and create the membership subscription, and request access to the 995 Tribe Facebook group. You will receive 7 days in your free trial, and after that your card will be charged the $9.95 membership fee monthly. You can cancel at any time simply by emailing  

1. Click the "subscribe" button below to enter your payment info.

2. Once you have subscribed, you'll be redirected to a different page that gives you the instructions to request access to the Facebook group. It also directs you to the link to my client agreement that goes over basic disclosures and such required by my state for you to participate in the coffee chats and circles (you can see it here). 

3. While you are waiting for access to the Facebook group, there will be some videos and cheat sheets to get you started. 

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