Hi! I'm Amanda.

I empower "real" people on a spiritual and healing path to integrate energy healing, clearing, connection with their spirituality and intuition in order to transform their real-world life.

Amanda Campbell


Shaman. Intuitive Life Coach. Reiki Master. Teacher

It's wonderful to meet you!


I'm an expert at holding safe healing space for you to transform your life. My purpose in this life is to raise consciousness, and I LOVE doing that by empowering individuals on their spiritual journey and in their real-life to heal patterns and wounds, clear mental and spiritual blockages in the way of success, and connect individuals with their own healing + intuitive abilities so they can move forward in their lives from a more empowered space.


I have a ton of training and experience in the healing, metaphysical, spiritual, and intuitive realms, which I pair with real-world experiences and backgrounds to integrate the unseen realms with practical real-world techniques and guidance. I have helped clients recover from trauma & abuse, addiction, anxiety, depression, prolonged patterns in relationships, losing loved ones, and so much more!





11+ Years







Receive the one to one support you're seeking to create energetic shifts in your life!

Unapologetic Single Session

Single sessions are a good option when you know there's something you are needing assistance with at the moment. The single session does not have as much of a container of support, but can be a great choice when you're mostly in a good place, but just need some additional assitance with a particular issue that has come up. 

Here are a few potential areas of focus for our healing container:


Healing from Abuse

Work through the energetic components associated with a history of abuse in a completely safe space. I have personal experience in using these tools to recover from abusive relationships, and have helped many others do the same! Together in the privacy of 1:1 sessions I'll help you clear limiting beliefs, remove energetic memories of abuse held within your body, clear and work through triggers, and shift into the energetic space allowing for healthy relationships. We'll often complete a soul retrieval, and in-depth energy clearing as well to step into the life you're seeking without the memories of trauma constantly keeping you down. 

Grief Support & Mediumship

This focus is for those who are working through grief or supporting their loved ones in the dying process. As a Shaman and medium, I am able to facilitate communication between the spirit realm so that you can continue the healing and communication work necessary. 

I can assist souls in crossing over to the afterlife, and check to make sure they arrive safely.

And I can facilitate a Shamanic journey for you to check on your loved ones and spend time with them in a trance state. 

Spiritual Path & Life Purpose  Guidance

For those souls who know they are here for more and are seeking assistance in their life purpose mission work, I can help uncover the limiting beliefs, fears, and subconscious aspects that are holding you back from stepping into that soul-aligned purpose. 

Working 1:1 with me on this particular focus tends to involve soul retrievals, illuminations, Shamanic journeys to connect with your guidance, chakra & energy clearing, and lots of messages from your higher self!

We'll come up with a plan to get you where you want to go, and have gentle accountability along the way. 

Relationship Upleveling

Often we get stuck in patterns in our relationships, whether that's from our own behaviors, or choosing relationships that don't serve us. I help you dive deep into the personal patterns, limiting beliefs, trauma, and ancestral patterns that contribute to poor relationships. We clear these patterns to help you create better relationships.

I also love checking the energetic compatibility between you and a potential relationship, which saves lots of hassle and can help you bypass those relationships that aren't going to work out in your highest good.

Improve Your Intuition and Healing Abilities


The most powerful part of this work is the ability to do it for yourself! Receive expert guidance in upleveling your own intuitive and healing abilities with the help of an expert. I'll help clear energetic blockages in the way, and provide activations to allow your own intuition to come forward and provide guidance for your path and individual healing. I can also help you to meet and connect with your spiritual guidance team, so you have their support along the way too!

Space and Energy Clearing


As we go through life, sometimes we pick up energies that aren't ours. These energies bog us down, and can affect our thinking, physical body, and the choices we make.  Sometimes we can clear these energies ourselves, but the "nastier" ones require professional experience. I work on clearing these energies from homes and from your personal energy fields. Examples include earthbound spirits, entities, hexes, curses, spells, vows, and much more. 

Face the challenges and healing opportunities with a Shaman by your side!


1:1 support packages with Amanda create the safe support needed to move through the funk in your life and receive life-changing healing and clearing work. One on one support programs create the support, accountability, and kindness to really create change in your life!  The nature of one to one work is flexible, and often many different types of sessions or focuses are included in a program catered to your individual needs.



Group Containers

Learn to implement energy healing and spiritual connection in your life, with the support of our spiritual community!

 Upshift Energetic Self Mastery Program- Coming soon!

I empower individuals in their healing and spiritual journeys by teaching the skills needed to heal, clear, and connect with their spirit guides. This is a full six month program assisting you in clearing the biggest issues in your life, and teaching you the tools to do the same!

Reiki Energy Healing Classes + Workshops + Circles

Reiki is a beautiful, gentle system of energy healing. It's perfect for beginners since it's simple, and I believe the true power in Reiki is in learning to use it for yourself, your loved ones, and your family!

Group containers focus on: 


Energy Healing 

Learn how to use energetic healing techniques to apply to real life situations. We'll start with the basics, and advance when you're ready!  Energetic healing allows you to have more control over your life by creating an avenue for self- healing. 


The spiritual path can often be a lonely one. Connect with like-minded souls who are also on a spiritual path through group containers, circles, clearing work and more! 

Spiritual & Life Path Guidance

For those souls who know they are here for more and are seeking assistance in their life purpose mission work, I can help uncover the limiting beliefs, fears, and subconscious aspects that are holding you back from stepping into that soul-aligned purpose. 


Often we get stuck in patterns in our relationships, whether that's from our own behaviors, or choosing relationships that don't serve us. I help you dive deep into the personal patterns, limiting beliefs, trauma, and ancestral patterns that contribute to these patterns so you can create from a clear space. 

Guided Journeys

Learn a technique practiced by Shamans to connect with your guides, visit other energetic realms to receive healing and support, and connect deeper with plants and animals here to support you- all from the comfort of your home and sacred space. 

Connecting with

Spirit Guides

We have a team of spirit guides here to work with us and assist on our journeys. Connecting with them creates support and more fun on the spiritual path! 

Some highlights from the blog

What does it mean to be a Shaman?

Shamans are healers tasked with helping their community! 

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle energy healing modality that does no harm! Reiki can be used on yourself, family, friends, clients, pets, and so much more!

Limiting Beliefs are Keeping You Stuck!

Limiting beliefs in our subconscious mind can impact many areas of our outward reality such as relationships, finances, body, career, and so much more!


What my clients say

Kelsey Crookshanks

Astrologer and Vegan Lifestyle Coach

Amanda is amazing, and her work is incredible. she has helped me to tap into my highest potential and really helped me to uncover the light within i was hiding under layers of darkness. i highly recommend Amanda to anyone who is in need of transforming, because she will only speed up and encourage your growth and progress. which is a beautiful thing. thank you Amanda, i appreciate you so much and am so grateful to have you on this path with me!

Michelle Diaz

A Damsel's Locket Founder

"I wanted to take a second to shout out Amanda Campbell. She is amazing! I went to her full day Reiki workshop last weekend. Not really knowing what to expect..but I went in with an open mind, and open heart with the intention of working through some things that normally block my success.  My gosh was I blown away! She helped me so much! I am still in awe of the spiritual journey she took me on!"

Megha Sehgal

Amanda is a very considerate and caring person. In her sessions she strives to give maximum relief from the issues that one might be having. She uses various modalities to accomplish the same and makes sure that they all work in perfect conjunction to deliver results. She goes over and beyond of what is expected of her. I would highly recommend her sessions..”

Eva Paul

Integrative Therapies Director

Gunnison Valley Health

"I became Reiki, I have now mastered it and am forever grateful for my Reiki Master Amanda Campbell. An amazing woman who held my hand, waited patiently for me to understand and embrace my own view and philosophy. As I begin to share these gifts of subtle energy, she still has my back and shares her love with me. She showed me that with my own fire, I could birth a generation of baby dragons.”


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