Reiki Level One

Reiki is a Japenese hands on healing tradition, allowing you to transmit healing Reiki energy through your hands to yourself, pets, families and clients. There are three levels of Reiki. Level one allows you to use hands on healing on yourself, pets, clients, or other people. There is no prerequisite, and ANYONE can take Reiki level one to add more healing energy into their lives! Reiki level one training is a day long workshop where you learn the background, receive a heealing attunement, and participate in guided practice. Cost is $150 per person. 

Upcoming Reiki Training

Dillon, Colorado
Billings, Montana

Reiki Levels Two and Three

Extend your knowledge and healing abilities using Reiki to the next level! Level two contains another healing attunement, and the ability to transmit Reiki energy acros distance, and clear. Level Three is considered the Master level where you learn an additional Reiki symbol and learn to imbue objects with Reiki. At this level you may also decide to become a Reiki Master-Teacher, allowing you to teach Reiki to others. Each training is a day, and the prerequisites are the levels below. Contact Amanda directly when you are ready for these levels!

Shamanic Journeying Class

Learn how to use Shamanic journeying in your own life in order to seek answers to your questions, gain clarity on your path, meet your guides, and receive healing. This web-based class will walk you through how to safely journey, teach you about the worlds you may journey to, provide guided journeys with supervision, and coach you so you may journey on your own without help. Contact Amanda  with questions! 

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