Are you ready to connect with your own spirituality to change your life for the better?

Why Should I Take an Intutive Healing Journey?

I know how hard it can be to create meaningful change in your life, and get past the stupid patterns and unconscious blocks that keep us stuck and prevent us from actually making choices that free us. Pushing a rock uphill (through a forest at night in a blizzard) is not a fun place to be in. I help you identify and cut through the blocks and fears preventing you from making meaningful change in your life by creating a safe space and the extra tools needed to cut through the crap and find the beauty. Let me help you ditch the pushing-a-rock-uphill scenario and find easier ways to create change!

What is an Intuitive Healing Journey?

Each person requires a different approach, so each session is personalized for you. Often the things preventing us from reaching our goals are tucked in the subconsious where you aren't fully aware of them.  We will zoom in on the area that is bothering you, look at the energy, limiting beliefs, and patterns that are creating the blockage and clear through those to allow you to create change quicker in your life. Some possible areas of focus are connection, intuitive abilities, relationships, career, life purpose, physical symptoms, money blockages, facilitating happiness, and creating abundance and flow in your life. 

About Amanda

Intuitive Life Coach, Shaman and Spiritual Teacher

My passion in life is to help raise the consciousness on the planet. I do so by connecting people to their own sense of spirituality, and guide them in how to use that spirituality in their daily lives. I hold space for people so they can find out who they really are, what they're really here for, and then help them create changes in their life that allow them to shift out of fear into their true potential. I hold space for you to make those changes, energetically clear the things holding you back, and help you create forward momentum. I am part cheerleader, part taskmaster, part healer, part teacher, part spiritual advisor tasked with raising consciousness by helping you achieve your life's purpose and reach a state of fulfillment. 

If it matters to you, some of the titles I have obtained include intuitive life coach, massage therapist, Reiki master teacher, Peruvian Shaman, caregiver, spiritual minister, and elementary school teacher. 


Client Testimonials

"It was such a meaningful session that it honestly was priceless and life changing."


"It was something that I was afraid to face myself. I’ve actually been pushing it away and not really willing to face it. What Amanda did was Amanda made it so much easier for me to understand ... and she gave me all the necessary steps and actions that I would need to take after our session."



"I was just so at awe by her work. It was truly incredible, the messages were beautiful, and the messages really hit home."



Jenny Tokuoka- Danneffel

“I really do feel like something powerful shifted for me as a result of our session.” “Thanks again, I am so grateful! I feel like that was just what I needed.”

Becca Mecklenburg

"When we did the cord cutting with my ex I could feel it. I have known I needed to, but I was too scared to do it on my own. I needed someone to help me through it."

Sarah Sharsmith

"You have a way of knowing what I feel and being able to put it into words in a new way that helps me look at what's really happening and heal it."

Lauren Jefferson

"Ever since we had our session I feel light and open. Thank you. I was down and feeling crappy ever since my dog died and it sucked. I finally have energy and am happy again!!!"

"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."

A.A. Milne



For more information about Feather Light Healing LLC, and Intuitive Healing Journeys, contact me here!

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