• Amanda Campbell

Energy Clearing- A Key for Happiness

As a healing practitioner, I spend a lot of time assisting with energy clearing, which is a fantastic way to help support people in their healing journey. As we go about our lives, we often pick up energies that are not our own, and sometimes hold onto them. Sometimes these energies attach to you, which drain your own personal energy and may have much harsher consequences! Energy clearing may assist with physical ailments, depression, feelings of negativity, fatigue, and a general feeling of being unwell.

How will energy clearing help me?

Removing these energies from your energetic field that you may have been dragging around for years can really help propel you forward. Think of it like an energetic facelift! These attachments are no longer in your highest good, and just weigh you down.

The process of removing them is relatively simple, and the results can be profound. It’s not painful or scary to have them removed, and I will walk you through the whole process. Actually, I do most of the work for you. We will remove the energies, fill in the vacancies with good and positive energy, and do some work with your chakras. We may look at what led those energies to attach in the first place to help prevent future reoccurrences.

But I think I’m already pretty clear…

I had this perception myself when I came across this kind of clearing. Boy was I wrong! I had been dragging things around for years that affected my well-being both physically and emotionally. At the time, I had a spiritual practice, often meditated, and cleared myself and my home using sage. All of those helped me, but I was surprised at the difference after receiving an energy clearing from a Shaman. I was able to maintain more positive thoughts, feelings of anger disappeared, I was much more energized and feelings of uncertainty were drastically decreased.

Where do these attachments and negative energies come from?

Each energy is a bit different. Some of them tend to focus more on people walking a spiritual path, and some of the energies are associated with the land. Other energies are found in specific places where dark events occurred such as battles, murders, or vicious arguments. Have you ever had that feeling when you walk into a place that you shouldn’t be there? That can be an indicator of these energies being present.

The clearing work can also be applied to physical spaces, most notably houses. We spend a lot of time at home (even if you’re just there to sleep), so it makes sense that if you are spending time in a negative space that you’re more likely to feel the negative effects. House clearing sometimes resolves depression, cold spots, illness, technology/mechanical malfunctions, and promotes a sense of safety, calmness, and peace. I’ve had feedback from clients that house clearing helped their relationship, as they felt in a more positive space and the need to argue with their significant other decreased drastically. Energy clearing can create massive shifts in a short amount of time! Send me a message if you’re interested in more information.

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