• Amanda Campbell

My Reiki Story

Today I wanted to share with you a bit about how I got started with Reiki energy healing. At the time I took Reiki level one, I had been reading metaphysical books for years, and had a keen interest in energy healing and spirituality without really knowing anyone who lived that kind of lifestyle. Reiki level one opened a doorway for me- one to explore deeper realms of healing and spirituality. It gave me permission to seek more, to learn more, to heal myself, and eventually to work with healing others. Reiki was a beautiful introduction to a much deeper journey where I found the courage to follow my dreams and interests, not only to help myself but to work with others as well.

Reiki is a simple spiritual tradition that encompasses hands on healing. It is not religious, but does encourage focusing inward. It’s about taking time to yourself to do self-healing work, to create space in your life for happiness and to live from a place of kindness. Then as a Reiki practitioner, you can begin to share healing with others using the gentle Reiki energy to encourage the self-healing all people are capable of. I began incorporating Reiki into my massage practice, using it primarily on myself as a way of keeping my own energy up, and then allowing it to spill into my clients if they were receptive to the energy. It helped me establish boundaries and create self care. I received my training as a Reiki Master in the Usui tradition, then later took a Sekhem-Seichim Reiki class that also brought in the Egyptian systems of energy healing. I began using Reiki daily to recharge, to soothe anxiety, sending it to friends and loved ones who were having a hard day, and even for help during job interviews and to keep my car running (I’m convinced my first car survived only because Reiki I poured into it).

A few years later, I began teaching Reiki to my friends and loved ones. I have not focused on providing Reiki sessions to others because I believe the true potential of Reiki comes from being able to do Reiki yourself, which is why I teach Reiki classes. I love empowering others to use the energy for themselves, and explore healing in deeper, richer, more meaningful ways. It is such a simple, easy modality to learn.

If you’re interested in taking this next step, please send me a private message where I’d love to answer any questions for you and help you on the next phase of your journey!

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