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What are the benefits of Reiki?

In the last post, we covered what the heck Reiki is. Today I’d like to dig deeper into the benefits of Reiki. There are oh-so-many benefits of Reiki that it is hard to put them all in one space! I have settled for the top ten categories, but should you need more benefits feel free to ask me (but give me plenty of time because I can go on and on about Reiki).

What are the benefits of Reiki?

1. Reiki does no harm: The only situation you should not do Reiki is on a newly-broken bone before it is set. This is so that the bone doesn’t start healing, and need to be re-broken or re-injured for doctors to set it. This is literally the only time you shouldn’t do Reiki, so from there the benefits are endless. Pretty simple, huh?

2. Self care: We are all living lives that are busier than the generations before us filled with the hustle and bustle, constant technology, and more expectations than before. Reiki is a simple way to spend time calming down the body and the emotions through healing. It is an easy practice to start or end your day with, and fantastic for those nights when you can’t sleep. It is fantastic for people who give so much of themselves during the day to take time to recharge and spend some time with themselves!

3. Anxiety: Reiki energy is calming, nourishing, gentle, and healing. When feeling anxious or stressed, Reiki helps calm unsettled nerves and allow you to get back into the state where you can calmly accomplish what you need to.

4. Physical healing: Reiki can be completed as a physical healing practice to help health issues. It is as simple as putting your hands where the energy needs to go and allowing it to flow. And, there are no negative side effects!

5. Emotional healing: When a Reiki practitioner is attuned to the higher levels of healing, it can be used to specifically target the emotional and mental parts of the energy body.

6. Distance healing: At level two of Reiki, the energy can be transmitted over distances. Grandma fell and broke her hip 3 states away? Send Reiki!

7. Heal the past or future: Also taught at level 2, Reiki can be sent both to the past and the future. This means that if you are stressed about that job interview coming up, you can send Reiki to yourself during the interview! If you experienced a traumatic event (or even a stressful one) that lingers with you, sending Reiki to that event and yourself when that event occurs can help ease current lingering emotions.

8. It can be used on objects too: My first car was a beloved Subaru, and it had over 300,000 miles on it by the time I was able to get a new one. It had many mechanical problems, and I am convinced that the only thing that kept it running was the Reiki energy I used on it almost daily! My Reiki teacher shares the story of using Reiki to “iron” the wrinkles out of her clothes too.

9. Planetary Healing: Let’s face it. Humans as a whole are not always kind to the Earth. Reiki can be sent to the planet to help heal the planet, or as a way of expressing gratitude. It can also sent to areas of natural disasters or forest fires.

10. A Sense of Control: We have all been in situations where we feel powerless to do anything. I have saved this concept for last because I feel it was one of the most transformative aspects of Reiki for me personally. After receiving Reiki training, I knew that I could always send Reiki to a situation, which made me feel more in control of the un-controllable events that occur. I always have a response and a way to create healing from horrible situations.

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