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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle system of energy healing. The word original Japanese “Reiki” can be broken down into two words: “rei” meaning universal and “ki”, which means life force energy, which combined means universal life force energy. The energy is transmitted by healers who have received training in Reiki through their hands. Reiki can be done through a gentle laying-on-of-hands healing modality, but also can be done without even touching the client and instead working with their energy systems.

Reiki can be done on yourself as a great method of self care, on your pets, family, loved ones, and clients if you are in a healing setting. Reiki compares to a battery charger. We all plug in our phones at night to recharge in order to function the next day. Reiki is a simple way of recharging the body energetically through transmitting the Reiki through the practitioner’s hands. We can all use a recharge! 

There are scientific studies proving the validity of Reiki (see the article Reiki Really Works”), and it as of 2008 was being used in over 800 hospitals or just over 15% of hospitals in the US (Rand).

The bottom line:

Reiki is a gentle energy healing modality that cannot cause harm, and ANYONE can learn Reiki. There is no previous experience required, simply an open mind and a willingness to learn and receive.

How Does    Reiki Help?

Receiving Reiki may help

*Boost the immune system

*Decrease stress

*Soothe anxiety

*Increase positivity

*Lessen pain

*Clear difficult emotions

*Clear negative energy

*Increase sense of well-being

*Increase calmness

*Promote relaxation

Learning Reiki

The benefits of receiving Reiki are amazing, but the true empowerment from Reiki comes in learning how to transmit Reiki for yourself and loved ones anytime, anyplace.

*Use Reiki for self care to keep you at your best.

*Send Reiki to important events such as surgeries, job interviews, work meetings, etc, so that you can walk in with the confidence and knowing that you have already prepared in the best way possible. 

*Clear negative energies from your home and protect it, providing a healthy and safe space for you and your family to flourish!

*Create a sense of control in the uncontrollable by knowing you can always send Reiki to help. 

*Deepen your own inner knowing and confidence by working with the energies yourself!

*Send healing to troubled moments in your past, to facilitate peace, moving forward, and closure. 


Learning Options 

Technology makes it possible to connect people all over the globe! The same content I teach in person can also be taught online using live Zoom video conferencing. This format will meet over the course of several weeks over Zoom video conferencing to allow for deeper discussion and understanding of Reiki and the principles behind it. I'm working on this new format, and expect to launch in October 2020!


Learning Options

Introducing an in-person Reiki Intensive Level One and Level Two Training in Billings, Montana August 29th and 30th!

Click below to register and pay $100 deposit. 

If you are interested in hosting an in-person training and have a group of like-minded souls also seeking to learn Reiki in person, please contact me so we can create new opportunities together!

Why learn from me?

Extensive Support: Reiki training includes intensive support in class itself. In addition to the time during the class you will also receive:

-Handouts and notes for every topic covered in class to refer back to 

-Access to an exclusive online Facebook community of Reiki practitioners (myself included) to ask questions and continue learning

-Ongoing monthly Reiki circles to practice your Reiki and ask questions 

-Check ins and messenger support with me regarding your Reiki practice

-Lots of recommended readings, resources, and ways to further your learning

-Access to recordings of classes to help "refresh your memory"

-Reiki certificate

-Access to additional spiritual offerings such as Women's Circles, ceremonies, talks, and more!

Training & Experience: I am trained both as an Usui and Sechem Seikheim Reiki Master-Teacher. I have been teaching Reiki for about 8 years, and using Reiki for over 10 years. I'm also initiated as a fourth level Kuraq Akulleq Shaman, and pull in tidbits from my Shaman and Intuitive Life Coach background to enrich your Reiki experience (which you won't get from other Reiki teachers). In addition to teaching Reiki, I have used Reiki in many professional settings such as massage therapy, caregiving, and education and teach you how to integrate Reiki with your profession. I've also received formal training as a teacher, and taught in the public school system for several years, which means you will receive attention to detail, excellent handouts, and organization. 

Safe, Supportive, Healing and Learning Space: I'm an expert at creating safe space for you to learn and heal. Sometimes the spiritual community feels a bit judgey- you will experience none of that in my space. I fully honor where you are in your own personal healing journey, and create a positive learning environment.

 Levels of Reiki

Begin your adventure with Reiki level one where you learn hands on healing, self care, and the fundamentals of Reiki. When you choose, you may progress to level two at any time to learn how to transmit Reiki over distance, to the past and the future (level two may be completed immediately after level one, or you may choose to have a break in between). After level two, practice and wait until you are ready to fully become Reiki at level three!

Level   One 

 Beginner's Level

Level Two

Distance Healer

Level Three

Reiki Master


More Reiki Information

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