the class

Access the answers, guidance and healing from the universe from the comfort of your home! 

Answers guaranteed!*

Shaman and intuitive healer Amanda Campbell will teach you to access guidance to your most pressing questions, meet your spirit guides and receive healing through Shamanic Journeywork. This five week online class will teach you how to safely journey by yourself, with help, guidance and support all the way through. Class includes five weekly group online classes Wednesday evenings with two additional individual support sessions. If you are unable to attend the class live, you may access a recording.

What are some of the possibilities from Shamanic Journeywork?

- Meet your spirit guides, power animal, and higher self

-Receive guidance from your guides about any topic you need help with

-Receive healing work from the universe

-Explore the three Shamanic realms worlds: upper world, middle world, lower world

-Receive information about how plants can support you in your life such as herbal remedies, food, etc. 

-Discover past lives.

-Learn how to evaluate how choices you intend to make will affect your life.

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*Not everyone has success right away with journeywork. That's where individual support sessions come in. If you are unable to receive answers for yourself, I will tune in or journey on your behalf to assist in receiving the answers. I will also do what I can to clear out blocks preventing you from receiving the answers for yourself!