Do you know that you are meant for more, but are afraid to move forward or don’t know how?

Find out what is blocking change, and what your next steps forward to living a life filled with purpose with a Free Roadmap Consultation.

It's wonderful to meet you!

I’m Amanda- Intuitive Life Coach, Shaman, and Spiritual teacher.

(I’m also a coffee-loving, mountain-woman, cat-mama, spirituality loving, outdoorsy, book-reading, board game nerd).

My passion is to connect women to their Life Purpose and help them develop their own innate abilities to create powerful change in their lives. Changing to your life purpose path creates so many more opportunities in life, from clarity and ease, fulfillment, happiness, and abundance.

I recognize how much courage it can take to make change and heal, and have felt the doubts and insecurities, the soul-crushing anxiety and resistance to change. I faced these down over and over to create change, and it was worth it- every.single.time. Leaning into that fear and facing the blockages has given me strength to create the life I am meant to live, on my terms. And now I'm here to help you do the same! 


How can you help?

Start by booking a FREE Roadmap Consultation with me to see what is possible, and know that you are not alone in this path. Receive clarity around what’s holding you back, how we can heal those blockages together, and create a plan to get you where you want to be. You are a powerful woman with the incredible ability to create change. I will help you tap into this ability, and we will create a plan together to help get you out of your unfulfilling situation into one that’s in line with your life purpose. 

I have found that the best way to create change is through a 13 week Transformation Program chock full of support. We will set up scheduled meeting times online several times per week to create and check in about your personalized Roadmap plan, clear blocks that are in the way, and heal past patterning that prevents you from moving forward. In these sessions I use all of my experience as a Shaman, Intuitive, healer, teacher and change-making woman to set you up for the easier path. These sessions are important, but the most valuable times for growth and change are actually in between sessions when something comes up in your day to day lives that pushes you out your place of change-making power such as an argument with a loved one, a bad day at work, or waves of emotion. When those moments come up, you have unlimited access to the insights, tips, and advice from the universe simply by messaging me or using voice messages. It is those seemingly unconnected or “rat-race” moments that suck us back into feeling weak and experiencing fear, which stops change in its tracks. However, with the Transformation Program I will be there to help you get back on track quickly, allowing the moment to pass and for you to move on with your true path.


Not ready to sign up for a full 3 month program but are ready for some change?

Single sessions are $125.

Or, buy a packages of 5 sessions for $530 (a 15% discount)

Each session will be completed with me over Zoom video conferencing, and include a follow up check-in call to answer quick questions that may have come up for you. 

Together we can access that inner reserve of strength you have to face the fear of change and discover that there really wasn’t much to be afraid of after all. Changing ourselves and healing ourselves has a ripple effect, creating a force that ripples out to our families, friends, communities, and into the world.

My Promise to You
  • Our first call is FREE. This is a chance to get to know each other and make sure we can work well together. I'm not going to push you into something you aren't ready for, and I refuse to be a pushy sales person. My focus is creating a safe, supportive, healing environment for you so we can explore what's really possible!

  • 30 day money back guarantee. Often one of the biggest barriers to choosing coaching support is the fear of losing money if it "doesn't work". I offer a 30 day money back guarantee to help you get over that fear and subconsious barrier so that you can take this step to change your life. I'm THAT passionate about it! 

Holly Luong

"It was such a meaningful session that it honestly was priceless and life changing."

"It was something that I was afraid to face myself. I’ve actually been pushing it away and not really willing to face it. What Amanda did was Amanda made it so much easier for me to understand ... and she gave me all the necessary steps and actions that I would need to take after our session."

"I was just so at awe by her work. It was truly incredible, the messages were beautiful, and the messages really hit home."

Lauren Jefferson

"You have a way of knowing what I feel and being able to put it into words in a new way that helps me look at what's really happening and heal it."

Becca Mecklenburg

"I really do feel like something powerful shifted for me as a result of our session. Thanks again, I am so grateful. I feel like that is exactly what I needed!"

Sarah Sharsmith

"When we did the cord cutting with my ex I could feel it. I have known I needed to, but I was too scared to do it on my own. I needed someone to help me through it!"

In short, I have a decade of experience helping people in many different settings, creating a safe and healing space, and listening and communicating. The diversity of these settings allows me to help you with your real-world problems. Beyond the titles I shared with you earlier,  I have more experience backing my ability to help you:

  • Intuitive Life Coach: My training includes over 130 hours of official training through the Intuition Wisdom Institute, and I’ve already signed up for more. Training included monitored practice sessions, individual sessions, and personal development. I have been an “unofficial” coach for decades prior through helping friends and family, students, clients and assisted living residents. I have always been a coach, now it's official! 

  • Shaman: I am a fourth level Kuraq Akulleq Shaman (currently the highest level) in the Andean tradition. My training focused on healing the past,changing patterns, and using ceremony to create healing space. The advanced trainings included energy clearing techniques to work with clients to promote healing and move through blockages in life. This training helped me heal myself, and I can use these techniques to help you. I also am ordained as a spiritual minister. There are a lot of preconceived notions about the words “shaman” or “minister”- know that I am a “real” person who also drinks coffee, pays bills, goes to concerts, and can talk with you about “real” life things in a down to earth way.

  • School Teacher: I worked for one year in a middle school day treatment setting where I worked with severely emotionally disabled students where we combined counseling with academic work. Then I taught fourth grade for two years. I LOVE teaching, and am so grateful for each moment I spent with students. But, I also knew that my life purpose includes teaching in a different way- teaching people how to reach their own life purpose, connect to their greatest selves, and make change in the world. Don’t get me wrong- teaching kids reading, writing, and math is really important. However, I feel blessed to move into my greater purpose in teaching people how to create change and healing in their own lives. 

  • Massage Therapist- I have a decade of experience doing massage therapy, listening to clients, working with their muscles and energy fields. I have an associates degree in massage with lots of additional certifications in various massage related modalities. I also am a Reiki Master-Teacher in both the Usui Reiki system and Sekhem Seichim Reiki system, and have taught Reiki classes for seven years. 

  • Caregiver- I worked as a caregiver at an assisted living facility. This particular position goes much farther than the “normal” caregiving requirements of giving medicine, cooking, and cleaning. I learned to listen to stories (over and over and over), give encouragement, meet people where they are at, and find simple yet powerful ways to shift moods, attitudes, and environments to help residents find more ease, peace, fun and acceptance in their daily lives. 

  1. You aren’t just choosing me- you are also choosing yourself. I connect with your higher self, guides, and spiritual realm of helpers, to provide guidance in line with your own highest good and life purpose. Don’t worry, this isn’t as “woo-woo” as it sounds- I will make the messages clear and relatable for them to make sense to you based on where you're at..

  2. I have helped hundreds of people in many different settings. I create safe space for you, and cut through the blockages in your way at a subconscious level, allowing for much faster change and growth. This greatly increases the rate of change for you. 

  3. I back my commitment to you with a full 30 day money back guarantee. 

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