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Empower your life's purpose to

Heal. Change. FLOURISH!

You have a feeling that you are meant for more, but doubts and fear creep in, preventing you from moving forward. 

Perhaps you feel stuck living in the "rat race" at an unfulfilling job, disconnected from what really matters, spiritually lonely and unsure what to do. You're missing that sense of connection, meaning, happiness and fulfillment that you see in others.

You have an interest in spirituality, and perhaps have had some experiences you can't explain. You don't know where to start, who to trust, and fear the journey. 


Yet you can't stop feeling, knowing there has to be something more to life, a greater sense of connection, freedom, and joy. You know you are meant for more. And you are unsure of how to get there.


Book a Complimentary Guidance, Support and Inquiry Call with me. I will offer you some guidance and clearing to help you on your path and talk about the next steps forward to get you moving towards you're life's purpose! 

It's wonderful to meet you!

I’m Amanda- Intuitive Life Coach, Shaman, and Spiritual teacher.

(I’m also a coffee-loving, mountain-woman, cat-mama, spirituality loving, outdoorsy, book-reading, board game nerd).

My passion is to EMPOWER (mostly) women to live their life's purpose. I love connecting women to their own power, self confidence, intuition, healing abilities, and helping them make changes one step at a time to live a greater life for themselves and their loved ones.  Living from a space of empowerment creates so many more opportunities in life, such as clarity and ease, fulfillment, health, happiness, meaningful relationships and easier abundance.

I recognize how much courage it can take to take steps to move forward. I have felt the doubts and insecurities, the soul-crushing anxiety and resistance to change. I understand the fears about becoming spiritually connected, both from the experience itself and the fear of backlash in society. I faced these fears down over and over to create change, and it was worth it- every.single.time. Leaning into that fear and facing the blockages has given me strength to create the life I am meant to live, on my terms. And now I'm here to help you do the same! 


How can you help?

Start by booking a Complimentary Support, Guidance and Inquiry Call with me to see what is possible, and know that you are not alone in this path. We'll chat about what's blocks you're experiencing in your life, and what you really want. We'll probably clear a few limiting beliefs that are in the way, and perhaps do some healing work. This is a no-pressure session for you to experience the work, and get to know me. It's not a pitch-fest, nor will I pressure you into anything you're not ready for. 

My work with each person is highly individualized to help you achieve the biggest growth! There are several opportunities to work from me, whether through 1:1 personalized coaching, through group classes such as Reiki energy healing training or Women's Circles, or both! 

-Communicate with your guides, higher self, and spiritual wisdom!

-Learn to heal yourself, creating new opportunities in your life. 

-Connect with your life purpose, to create more ease, abundance, love, joy, and peace in your life!

-And best of all, feel the unconditional support provided by someone who has your back, who will create a safe healing environment to help you grow and become your best self! You deserve this!

Together we can access that inner reserve of strength you have to face the fear and discover that there really wasn’t much to be afraid of after all. Changing and healing ourselves has a ripple effect, creating a force that ripples out to our families, friends, communities, and into the world.

My Promise to You

Our first session is FREE. This is a chance to get to know each other and make sure we can work well together. I'm not going to push you into something you aren't ready for or don't want. My focus is creating a safe, supportive, healing environment for you so we can explore what's really possible!

If you're serious about developing your spiritual abilities, enhancing your intuition, and creating a life in line with your life's purpose, then book a call with me using the button below.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


Holly Luong

"It was such a meaningful session that it honestly was priceless and life changing."

"It was something that I was afraid to face myself. I’ve actually been pushing it away and not really willing to face it. What Amanda did was Amanda made it so much easier for me to understand ... and she gave me all the necessary steps and actions that I would need to take after our session."

"I was just so at awe by her work. It was truly incredible, the messages were beautiful, and the messages really hit home."

Lauren Jefferson

"You have a way of knowing what I feel and being able to put it into words in a new way that helps me look at what's really happening and heal it."

Becca Mecklenburg

"I really do feel like something powerful shifted for me as a result of our session. Thanks again, I am so grateful. I feel like that is exactly what I needed!"

Sarah Sharsmith

"When we did the cord cutting with my ex I could feel it. I have known I needed to, but I was too scared to do it on my own. I needed someone to help me through it!"

Why Should You Work With Me?

Training- I have extensive training in many areas of spiritual development, personal wellbeing, and teaching. This training includes Intuitive life coach, Kuraq Akulleq Shaman, Reiki Master-Teacher, Massage Therapist, and Licensed School Teacher. See the slideshow below for more details about my training.  

Experience- I have helped hundreds of people in many different settings. I create safe space for you, and cut through the blockages in your way at a subconscious level, allowing for much faster change and growth. This greatly increases the rate of change for you.

Full Support- Life takes many turns, but knowing that you have full support from someone to help you through the ups and downs, to cut through the BS, and help you move forward in your path from a space of love, light, and truth makes it easier to create the life you know you deserve!

Universal Guidance- You aren’t just choosing me- you are also choosing yourself. I connect with your higher self, guides, and spiritual realm of helpers, to provide guidance in line with your own highest good and life purpose. Don’t worry, this isn’t as “woo-woo” as it sounds- I will make the messages clear and relatable for them to make sense to you based on where you're at.


Training and


Learn more about my training and experience by clicking through this slideshow!


Upcoming  Training and Events

Online Moon Journey

Sunday, November 1st  

4pm MST

We are living in strange times to say the least! And the energy is intensifying with the upcoming Blue Moon in Taurus which takes place on Saturday, October 31st. 

This is a blue moon, meaning the second full moon within a month. Astrologically, the moon is very close to the planet Uranus which is the planet associated with revolutions, change, and upheaval. We are currently experiencing that change and upheaval on many levels. This energy may be felt as anxiety and increased uncertainty, which certainly plays into the US election as well as the pandemic. On top of this energy, we are also currently experiencing Mercury retrograde which interferees with communication, travel, and technology.

Full moons are a potent time to connect with yourself and guides, go within, and receive some guidance about how to handle the energies that are coming up individually and as a collective. Shamanic journeys are a wonderful way to seek out that connection and guidance, which will be fully supported by me energetically.

So if you're feeling the intensity of this moon, are looking to connect, or just want to honor the energies please join me in this Zoom call on Sunday at 4pm MST (3pm PST, 5pm CST, 6pm PST)!

Training and


Learn more about my training and experience by clicking through this slideshow!


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This group is a safe space for those interested in spirituality, energy healing, limiting belief clearing, ascension, raising their consciousness and vibration, pursuing their life purpose, clearing patterning and past lives, connecting with their spirit guides, angels and ascended masters. Together we can raise our consciousness and we know that when we heal ourselves, we heal our world!

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